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Great Date Night

Every marriage needs a high five moment, where couples grow as a team and as companions in the Lord. Regular date nights are a perfect way to give your marriage a high five of encouragement. Mark your calendar for February 6th to schedule a date night with your significant other! Childcare will be provided for ages 8 weeks - 5th grade. Registration is required. Cost is $10/child; $20 max per family. Registration deadline: January 29th.


"Central to Adam's calling as a husband was the call to cultivate and guard his wife so that she would flouish, so that their sacred union would thrive. God called Adam to date his wife."  - Justin Buzzard


For questions or more information contact Lauren Hobbs at 407-514-4251 or

Childcare Information

Childcare cost: $10/per child; $20 max per family

Childcare Notarize Form - Download




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