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Great Date Night Live

Life just gets busier, it makes you wonder if your parent’s or grandparent’s calendars were so swamped back in the 50’s. Did house work, a career, the kids and the need for sleep compete so heavily for their time? We’d like to think that finding time to invest in a healthy marriage was much easier when the date spot included a juke box, fries and chocolate milkshake. But now with so much competing for our time, intentionally investing in and caring for your marriage is more vital then ever. Go ahead and schedule ahead to join us married couples from across orlando for an evening of stepping back into the 50’s and woo your spouse with an incredible evening on June 6, 2014 at First Orlando.

Author and Marriage Counseling expert, Mike Smalley, will be joining us for an incredible evening in Faith Hall at 7pm. Tickets are $20 per couple. 

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Childcare cost: $10/per child; $20 max per family

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