First Orlando Foundation

The First Orlando Foundation was formed in 1988 and is committed to the generation of resources to support the expansion of God's work through responsible stewardship--"God's people using God's resources to do God's business."

The Foundation supports the programs and ministries of First Orlando through the systematic and focused pursuit of institutional grants and planned giving.


In addition, the Foundation receives and distributes contributions made by individuals who have designated gifts to specific ministries. It is exciting to see God at work in the many ministries of First Orlando, and to have the opportunity to invest in the lives of the people involved. There are several ways to give to First Orlando through the Foundation. Here are a few:

Direct Gifts and Donations
Wills and Planned Giving   
Memorial Gifts

*** It is not our intention that communication from the First Orlando Foundation cause feelings of pressure or obligation for financial participation. Readers are invited to join as partners in this ministry only as they feel led by God to do so. We believe that God will meet all our needs through those who respond in this way. ***

Direct Gifts & Donations

The rewards of tithing and gift giving cannot be measured in terms of money.  There are far more lasting and intangible blessings.  For example, the sense of well-being that comes from following the teaching of Scripture, the satisfaction of helping to make life a little easier for the many poor and hurting people around us, the joy of having money to give, and a feeling of overflowing gratitude for what God has done for us. 

It seems that the majority of donors to our Foundation have a passion in their hearts about a particular ministry they feel led to support.  Just like the church, FOF uses a reputable, local auditing firm to ensure the integrity of our donor designations, i.e. to make sure the donor's gift goes exactly where requested.  When a donor desires to give without designating a particular ministry, the funds are placed in an unrestricted account and are used where the need is the greatest.

The Foundation has established the First Baptist Church of Orlando Endowment (endowed gifts are never spent--just the interest that is accrued).  This endowment will be used to support needs of our church which are not included in the annual budget.

Charitable giving is an important tradition for many people.  Making gifts for the benefit of others offers a wonderful way to affirm your values and priorities.  Honoring a loved one through charitable gifts is often an especially meaningful act of paying tribute to someone special, while assuring that worthwhile values continue to influence the world around us.

Memorial Gifts allow you to thoughtfully remember family members and friends who have been a vital part of your life.  These gifts may also be designated to a specific ministry if you so desire.  They include:

  • Gifts made in honor of a family member or friend at special times, such as holidays or other notable occasions.

  • Gifts made in memory of a loved one who has gone on to Glory.

     Donations to the First Orlando Foundation are tax deductible.  Tax receipts are issued for each donation, and an annual statement will be provided.  If you would like to speak with us about designating a gift to a specific ministry, please call 407-514-4480 or email RandallJames.

    Checks should be made payable to:
    The First Orlando Foundation
    3000 S John Young Parkway
    Orlando, FL  32805