What is Celebrate Recovery?


Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered recovery group for anyone who has hurts, habits or hang-ups. At some point in life, that's pretty much all of us.

Is Celebrate Recovery for me?

  • Do you have trouble setting limits for yourself?
  • Do you sacrifice your identity, desires or needs to make others feel good about themselves or to keep the peace?
  • Do you struggle with feeling safe when you aren't in control?
  • Do you raise your voice to get your way?
  • Do you act kind on the outside, but feel bitter or angry on the inside?
  • Do you use food, sex/pornography, relationships, alcohol or drugs to cope with life's problems?
  • Do you struggle with your body image?
  • Do you love someone struggling with destructive behaviors such as pornography, drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you live with someone who abuses you physically, emotionally, verbally or sexually - or feel the continued effects from past trauma or abuse?
  • Are there things in your life that you do to hurt others?

Don't give up! There is HOPE...Celebrate Recovery can help. We join together to share our experiences, strengths and hope. Through accountability with others and the process of working the steps, we discover amazing healing through the power and grace of Jesus Christ, the only higher power.

What do we do? We serve God by reaching out to others so that together we can step out of denial into God's perfect grace. By taking an honest and spiritual inventory, we get right with God, ourselves, and others, which allows us to grow in Christ while helping others.

When do we meet? Every Tuesday!

Large Group (All adults over 18) - Henry Chapel -
Celebrate Recovery Large Group, featuring worship, teaching and testimony.

Celebration Place (ages 5-10) - E2-3rd floor - program content runs parallel with the adult CR lesson in an age apropriate way.
Childcare is also available for children under 5.  Donations are accepted.

The Landing (ages 11-17) - E2-3rd floor -
program content runs parallel with the adult CR lesson in an age apropriate way.

7:45pm - Open Share groups - issue-specific, gender-based (E-2 3rd Floor).
The Landing also has small groups during this time, while the Celebration Place children remain all together.

8:30pm - Crossroads Cafe - a place to find community, accountability and sponsors. Children in Celebration Place are picked up at this time, and teens in The Landing have cafe time in an adjoining room until parents pick them up.  Refreshments provided.

Celebrate Recovery Small Groups are...

  • Facilitated by Celebrate Recovery leaders who have been through the recovery process themselves.
  • A safe and confidential place to share life's struggles and victories with people who "get" it.

Questions: Please contact the Celebrate Recovery leadership team at 407-514-4360 or by emailing us at celebraterecovery@firstorlando.com If you need immediate counseling assistance, please contact the First Baptist Counseling Center directly at 407-514-4470.

Don't let fear hold you back...Positive Change is Possible through Christ! I hope to see you at an upcoming meeting.

In Christ,

Simon Hunt Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader First Baptist Orlando