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Wedding Information

We are happy to hear that you are taking such an important step in your life. Your wedding is a sacred occasion.  We believe that it is instituted of God, regulated by His commandments, blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ, and to be held in honor among men. It will be most meaningful to you and your family and friends when there is careful concern for the sanctity of the church and its services, as well as the dignity and beauty of a Christian marriage.

Getting Started


Yes, wedding receptions can be held in Faith Hall. You will need to meet with Jerry Willis, Food Service Ministry, for information about having your reception in Faith Hall.

Please see the pricing page.  Wedding fees include the following services:

•    Chapels for the day of the wedding and night of rehearsal
•    Assigned Wedding Coordinator who will organize and facilitate your wedding rehearsal and ceremony
•    Organist / Pianist
•    Sound Technician (in Henry Chapel)
•    Candelabras and replacement candles  

    Note:  The Pastor’s honorarium and any soloist fees are not included.

Yes, and it is a requirement to scheduling weddings at First Baptist / Orlando.  We will accept Prep for Marriage courses completed at another church if the curriculum taught is similar to the one offered here.

Yes, music used in your ceremony should glorify God.  The content and lyrics of the music you choose should communicate the message of Christian faith.  Approval of the lyrics of your vocal song selections may be requested.

Yes, but all outside pastors must be evangelical, ordained ministers of like faith and practice. 

You will need to contact the Wedding Coordinator Supervisor at 407-514-4369.  Once the Wedding Application form is completed and received by the Wedding Coordinator Supervisor along with the $250.00 deposit, the wedding will be placed on the church calendar. 

Both members and non-members may schedule weddings at First Baptist Orlando. To book the facilities as a member, you must have been a member of the church a minimum of three months prior to submitting a request for a wedding date. 

Upcoming Weddings

March / April / May


03/12/17 Marie Williams Chapel @ 2:30 pm
Debbie Astudillo / Todd Wexler

03/18/17 ~ Marie Williams Chapel @ 1:00 pm
Aimee Robertson / Robby Lloyd

03/24/17 ~ Henry Chapel @ 5:00 pm
Alana Nelson / Tucker Hunter

04/07/17 ~ Henry Chapel @ 4:00 pm
​Estania Compere / Nephthali Cherubin

04/15/17 ~ Marie Williams Chapel @ 12:00 noon
​Sheyanna Breningstall / Richard Day

04/29/17 ~ Marie Williams Chapel @ 3:30 pm
​Laura Lazos / James Verner, Jr.

05/27/17 ~ Henry Chapel @ 5:00 pm
​Marie Duverger / Kinley Antoine



Barbara Hammonds
Wedding Director

Carol Coon
Wedding Coordinator

Elizabeth Fontaine
Wedding Coordinator

Tracy Gardner
Wedding Coordinator