Henry Chapel #5

Wedding Information

We are happy to hear that you are taking such an important step in your life. Your wedding is a sacred occasion.  We believe that it is instituted of God, regulated by His commandments, blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ, and to be held in honor among men. It will be most meaningful to you and your family and friends when there is careful concern for the sanctity of the church and its services, as well as the dignity and beauty of a Christian marriage.

Upcoming Weddings

January / February / March

01/28/17 ~ Marie Williams Chapel ~ 4:30 pm
Joni Wimer / Jonathan Pickerl

02/04/17 ~ Marie Williams Chapel ~ 3:00 pm
Kimberly Segal / Eric Berretta

02/18/17 ~ Henry Chapel ~ 10:00 am
Binal Kiran Maharaja / Anish John

02/18/17 ~ Marie Williams Chapel ~ 3:00 pm
Melinda Tedder / Tom Knopf

03/12/17 ~ Henry Chapel / 2:30 pm
Debbie Astudillo / Todd Wexler

03/18/17 ~ Marie Williams Chapel / 1:00 pm
Aimee Robertson / Robby Lloyd

03/24/17 ~ Henry Chapel / 5:00 pm
Alana Nelson / Tucker Hunter








Barbara Hammonds
Wedding Director

Carol Coon
Wedding Coordinator

Anne Hyotala
Wedding Coordinator

Elizabeth Fontaine
Wedding Coordinator

Tracy Gardner
Wedding Coordinator