Students: Block Party ft. Silent Disco

March 17, 2021 6:00pm Language Ministry Center

MVMT Block Parties are nights of fun, live music, games, and an awesome “Silent Disco” after-party. Come and invite your friends to join!

Please note that we will not serve dinner at this event. So make sure that you eat dinner before arriving. However, we will be proving Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, so make sure to save some room for dessert!

Time: 6pm-9pm

What is Silent Disco? Silent Disco is exactly what it sounds like…Silent! Sort of…each student will have their own set of headphones and will be listening to the song of their choice from one of the three different music channels provided. The fun part is that while listening to their selected music channel, the students will be able to find out who else is on the same channel so they can jam out together!