Here, There, & Everywhere

Here, There, & Everywhere is all about making updates to our children’s environments so that they are current, relevant, and fun for kids! We want our kids’ experiences at church to be one where kids can’t wait to get here each weekend and they want to invite their friends to come and see who Jesus is.

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Here, There & Everywhere

When we reach the children coming to our church Here, and the ones in our community who have yet to know the love of Jesus out There, Imagine how it will affect the world tomorrow…and Everywhere!


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Construction in E1 is slated to begin in summer 2019. The courtyard development will also begin in summer 2019. After E1 is finished, renovations will begin on E2.
Construction will take approximately 24 months and will be divided into 2 phases. While E1 is being renovated, all kids will meet in E2. Once E1 is complete, kids will move to the new space, while E2 is under construction. The new atrium will begin construction along with the E1 renovation.
Once the atrium connecting the two buildings is finished, you will be able to move between E1 and E2 through the three floor structure. This new building connector will connect on all three floors, provide ample space for movement (we’ve heard you parents!), and include a new check-in area, as well as ELEVATORS and a slide for KIDS! Hallelujah for getting to places quicker! We are already thinking now of what this new space for kids will be called.
We have no plans to incur any long-term debt to accomplish the vision of Here, There, & Everywhere. The scope of this project is based on our Here, There, & Everywhere response. We believe if we all listen to what God is calling us to do, we can complete this project without any long-term debt. If everyone participates, we can do this!
On April 13-14, 2019, we will all turn in our Here, There, & Everywhere responses to the vision God is calling us to. The cards include a place to identify what each of us can commit to over the course of 30 months. If you are unable to be here on April 13 or 14, you may submit your response card the following weekend on Easter, mail it back to us, or online at Response card packets will be mailed the first week of April.