Kids Worship Arts

Our mission is to ‘Train Tomorrow’s Worship Leaders Today’. We offer curriculum, activities, loving leaders, and an environment where children can learn about Who God is; about His Son Jesus; and about how to offer acceptable praise and worship to Him – bringing Him glory in their music and in their lives. Throughout the year, KIDS Worship Arts offers events and opportunities to encourage ‘Learning, Leading and Celebrating’ through worship.

Why is Music Important?

Neuroscientists and experts say…

  • Music stimulates the formation of critical connections – synapses—in the brain.
  • The most significant development in hearing and understanding music occurs between the ages of 6 and 7, and by age 8 a “plateau” is reached.
  • During the eighth year of life, the ability to sense, hear and understand tones develops greatly.
  • The ability to maintain a steady-beat rhythm does not increase or change appreciably after the age of 9.
  • After the age of 12, the ability to learn the basics in music is greatly diminished.
  • Early musical training has a measurable and positive effect on the development of the young brain.
  • Music lessons teach us to listen better.
  • Music connects and develops the motor systems of the brain that cannot be done by any other activity.
  • Students, rhythmically skilled, tend to be3tter plan, sequence and coordinate actions in their daily lives.
  • Students who study music achieve higher test scores.
  • Music listening enhances or changes certain neural circuits, including the density of dendrite connections.
  • As we age, these neural circuits are somewhat less pliable, and…it becomes more difficult to incorporate…new musical systems…during our mid-childhood years, the brain starts to prune these neural connections, keeping only the most important and most often used ones. This becomes the basis for our understanding of music…and becomes incorporated into the very wiring of our brains when we listen to music early in our lives.

Upcoming Events

Kids Worship Quest

Wednesdays – 6PM – E1 Building, 2nd and 3rd Floor

Worship Quest class offers grade level classes for children in Pre-K through 5th grade. They are taught about worship using the tools of both choral and instrumental music instruction and age appropriate activities. We have wonderful volunteers who love God, love worship, and love sharing the love of Jesus with children!

All age groups of our kids choirs get to lead worship at Kids Night of Worship each May.
Our 2nd through 5th grade kids choirs are also involved in music in our weekend services throughout the year.

Kids also have the opportunity to participate in our larger church productions such as the Singing Christmas Trees and Easter presentations.

Kids Praise Team

Our Kids Praise Team is an auditioned group of 4th and 5th graders who rehearse on Wednesdays at 5:30PM and lead worship in the Kids service each Sunday morning. Email Naida at for more information about Kids Praise Team.

Application  References

Summer Music Day Camp is ‘taking a break’ this year!

Kids Worship Arts will be offering SMDC 2.0 in the summer of 2019! This Creative Arts Camp will encompass a very wide variety of the arts – culinary art, visual art, technical art, performance arts, and more! We will also offer a wider variety of dance, instrument, vocal, dramatic opportunities.

There WILL be a Showcase on Friday night to share ALL of the art the kids have learned throughout the week!

With all of the transitions in Kids Ministry this spring and summer (building renovations, starting a second First Orlando campus, developing Kids Worship for Horizon West) we have decided to launch this new Creative Arts Camp NEXT summer (2019) after the dust has settled from the changes above.

Watch church publications and social media sites beginning in April 2019 for registration and information!