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Life University begins it's Spring session April 19th.  Most classes will begin April 19th, however; starting dates of some classes vary, please check below to see beginning dates.  To view course descriptions, go to   Classes meet on Wednesday's at 6:00 PM unless otherwise indicated.

Life University classes offer opportunity for spiritual growth through Bible and topical studies.  Membership is not required to participate, and activities for children are offered on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm.  Dinner is also available at 4:45 pm in Faith Hall.  There is no charge for most classes, though most require a workbook.  View course descriptions for details. 

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Class Date Weeks Teacher Room
Alzheimer's Care April 12th 2nd/4th Wed Charlotte Schluraff FH 353/355
Breast Cancer Care April 5th 1st Wed Beverly Daniels FH 355
Divorce Care April 19th 11 weeks Erik Lairdoo E2-226
Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith April 19th 6 weeks Marc Ventura E2 209
General Cancer Care April 19th 3rd Wed Richard & Barbara Jarvis FH 355
Grief Share April 19th 11 weeks Bill Curl FH 301D
Growing in Christ April 26th 10 weeks Dr. Will Butler FH 356
Lord Change My Attitude April 19th 11 weeks Rose Weekly E2 232
Matthew's Gospel II April 19th 11 weeks Ted Russell FH 346
The Case for Christ April 19th 5 weeks Dr. Scott Toenges E2 215/225
The Parables of Jesus April 19th 8 weeks Sandro Endler FH 349
El Matrimonio que Prospera April 19th 6 weeks Dan Perez E2 230
Nuestro Gran Dios April 19th 10 weeks Israel Martin 319/331
Paz Financiera (Financial Peace) April 19th 7 weeks Wilfredo Santiago E2 227
Samaritana del Pozo April 19th 6 weeks Betzaida Vargas E2 228
Me2 Men's Group April 20th  5 weeks CJ Varghese Counseling Center
How to Share your Faith May 17th 4 weeks Andrew Bosco E2 207