Pray for Pastor David

We will keep you updated with posts on this page. You can also send a prayer, message, or encouraging word that we will get to David by emailing He will read every one of your prayers and well wishes!


November 18, 2020

Pastor David’s condition has improved and he was able to go home this afternoon! He is in great spirits and is thankful to be feeling better. Thank you for your continued prayers and support for the Uth family!

November 17, 2020
from Rachel Uth, 10:00am

Pastor David was readmitted to the hospital late yesterday.  He was suffering from digestive issues that were not caused by his brain surgery but apparently were aggravated by the surgery and medications.  He was treated overnight and is feeling much better this morning. The plan right now is that he will stay one more day for observation.

We know our First Orlando family will continue to pray for David’s full healing and recovery, and Uth’s are incredibly grateful for your prayers, care and support.

November 11, 2020
by Rachel Uth, 1:00pm

David is recovering so well! He is getting to go home today! Also the surgeon’s assistant just came in. They got the lab results back from the tumor and it IS benign and was a grade 1 tumor (best possible outcome) which means he will not have to have any more treatment for it. Thank you Jesus!!! He is doing well today— his head is not hurting much at all. Doctor told him just to rest rest rest. 😊 Praising God! We are so grateful!!❤️

November 10, 2020
by Rachel Uth, 2:00pm

The main headache David had from the surgery has let up some. The surgeon came in this morning and is very pleased. David had an MRI at 3:00 this morning and the doctor said everything looked great. He’s a little sleepy from the pain meds but very coherent and told me all about his night. He’s in ICU now and should be moved to a room later today. He might get to go home tomorrow. We continue to praise the Lord!

November 9, 2020
by Rachel Uth, 12:50pm

Just got to see David before he goes to ICU. He’s awake, alert, smiling and doing fine with a slight headache but he was thanking Jesus that it’s done. The nurse said he did so good and it went so smoothly. They said he, of course, will have some swelling. But he remembers being awake for much of the surgery actually. David said he was able to quote several scriptures–Psalm 23, John 3:16 and others. ❤️  Thank you, Jesus!

November 9, 2020
from Rachel Uth, 11:50am

Pastor David is out of surgery.

His surgeon shared with Rachel that he removed the tumor and David did great. David will be moved to ICU and Rachel will be able to see him this afternoon. The surgeon also said he did great with his speech during the time he was awake. We are all thanking Jesus and are grateful for your prayers.

November 8, 2020
by David Uth

Dear friends in Christ,

It meant so much to me and my family today to have the congregation praying for me, my family, and the surgical team during the services. I know it is because of the prayers of so many wonderful people that God has sustained us through all of this health journey. We feel so blessed to have prayer warriors who are standing with us asking God to work His healing plan in my life.

As most of you know I will be having surgery Monday morning at 7:30 AM. My surgery is to remove a meningioma, which is a brain tumor between the lining of the brain and the skull. Meningiomas are very slow-growing and are almost always benign. They discovered the tumor while doing all the tests after I passed out on my bike (due to my heart valve defect). I have not had any symptoms from the tumor but because it has changed slightly since May, the doctor suggested to go ahead and have it removed before it causes any issues. One very interesting thing that will happen during the craniotomy is that they will have me awake during part of the surgery.  They will have conversations with me to ensure my speech function is not compromised. It’s very fascinating and I will try to quote scripture during that time.

I have felt great after recovering from the heart surgery and I’ve been exercising more than ever. We have God’s peace about the surgery and we continue to pray that He will use all of this to bring glory to Him. We will try to keep you updated as to how the recovery is going. Thank you for all your support and all your prayers and your love. We love you!

-Pastor David

November 5, 2020

Pastor David’s surgery is scheduled for Monday morning, November 9. We will continue updating this page as more information is received. You can send prayers and words of encouragement to

September 10, 2020

It was great to have Pastor David back in our weekend services this past weekend! Check out the service below.

Join us Sunday, September 13 as he shares about how to find hope the valley and launches us into our next series, Stories of Hope.

Watch Live

July 31, 2020

Pastor David stops by to invite you to join us online this weekend and shares more about our very special guest!

July 29, 2020

Pastor David and Rachel prayed over and toured the incredible transformation in our new Kids building and stopped by to check out the progress on the atrium. You can take a virtual tour of the new space here.

July 19, 2020 at 7:00am

This weekend Pastor David and Rachel stopped by our VBS Drive-Thru Pep Rally for a brief time. It was great to see David, who continues to recover well, and we know there were smiles behind those masks!

June 28, 2020 at 8:00am
by David Uth

June 7, 2020 at 7:00am
by David & Rachel Uth

May 30, 2020 at 8:00am
by Rachel Uth

David is continuing to recover and progress well from his open heart surgery (and broken ribs). His pain is easing a little more each day, and he is slowly getting some strength back. He had a follow-up appointment with his surgeon this week and she was very encouraging and affirming that David is continuing to improve as he should.  His primary surgeon is an amazing young lady that we’ve grown to love. David has invited her to be our guest at church one Sunday, so you can meet her and he can publicly thank her for all she’s done.

Thank you all again for your emails, cards, and texts to encourage us, but thank you most of all for your prayers! We have felt the prayers and sensed God’s presence during these days. He’s giving David (and me) strength each day as he recovers. David and I and our family are so grateful to God for all He’s done and what He continues to do. We love and appreciate you all!

Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name;
make known his deeds among the peoples!
Sing to him, sing praises to him;
tell of all his wondrous works!
Glory in his holy name;
let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice!
(Psalm 105:1-3)

May 23, 2020 at 4:00pm
by Rachel Uth

David is now home—sweet home! He continues to improve and get a little stronger each day. What an incredible journey it has been! We have seen God’s hand working in so many amazing ways —big and small—and we know He is working all these things for His glory! Who would have thought that He would have used passing out on a bike ride to get David to this point to basically save his life. God used the incredible team of doctors and nurses at ORMC and we are so very grateful for that. David and I and our family can’t thank you all enough for your prayers!! God answered and He continues to do so as David is healing and recovering. Thank you also for your emails, cards, texts, and kindness towards us—you have encouraged us and blessed us! We look forward to the days ahead to see how God will continue to work. We just pray our lives will show our love and gratitude to God. We will continually praise Him! We love you and thank God for you!

Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise His holy name. Let all that I am praise the Lord; May I never forget the good things he does for me.  (Psalm 103:1-2)

May 22, 2020 at 1:30pm
by Rachel Uth

The other two chest tubes were removed yesterday and that was a big step in his progress. He’s able now to move and walk a little more and the pain is easing some. He’s progressing well and improving a little each day. We just miss seeing our kids and grandkids as I’m the only one that can be with him (because of COVID-19 precautions). He might even get to go home in a day or two. We so appreciate the prayers and are continually praising God!

May 20, 2020 at 11:ooam

Pastor David is doing well and recovering on schedule. No issues so far. He is still in the hospital and no timing has been given for going home. Thanks for praying and for your concern

May 18, 2020 at 8:15pm
by Hannah Uth

Update on Dad: It was a long 9 hours.

But praise the Lord the surgery went great! They realized his valve was almost completely blocked. His doctor has no idea how he was still exercising.

He is still critical so please continue praying!

My mom just got to see him and he gave her a hand squeeze and head nod ❤️. It is going to be a lot of work over the next few days but we know God will give them both strength!

May 18, 2020 at 4:oopm

Pastor David is out of surgery and in ICU recovery. The surgery went well and he is doing fine.

May 17, 2020 at 6:15pm
by Hannah Uth

Dad’s open heart surgery is scheduled for 7:00am tomorrow (Monday) and it will take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.

My dad is at perfect peace and ready to get it done! My mom is the only one that’s been able to see him in our family but we have FaceTimed daily. (They are both still laughing and making jokes, mainly about how my mom can’t hear anything when doctors are talking with their masks on 😂)

They have read so many letters from those of you writing into
It has brought them so much joy and peace to hear from each of you! Keep sending them!

May 14, 2020 at 6:15pm
by Hannah Uth

Dad’s heart catheterization procedure went great. There are no blocked arteries. Praise the Lord!  His open heart surgery is scheduled for Monday, May 18th.

Thank you all for the prayers and encouragement! We feel so loved.

May 13, 2020 at 7pm
by Hannah Uth

As shared earlier, my dad’s bicycle crash was caused by him suddenly fainting. The doctors have run multiple tests to check everything out. His broken ribs are healing (he just told me he was able to get up and walk around the hospital a little bit today), but they did find out that he has a heart aneurysm and will need surgery. They will be doing a heart cath tomorrow at 1:00pm EST to make sure there is no blockage.

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words and prayers! Dad is in such good hands with the amazing staff of healthcare workers (he has, of course, become friends with all of them!). God has given him peace and I know is protecting him and healing him. Thank you all again!

May 13, 2020 at 5pm

Pray for Pastor David

First Orlando Family, please take a moment to watch the video below.

Earlier this week, Pastor David passed out and crashed while riding his bike. After going to the hospital, he quickly learned he had broken 5 ribs, and further monitoring and testing have also shown that he has an issue with his heart that most certainly caused the accident. Surgery is required to correct the heart issue.

Pastor David has received excellent care from his medical team and amazing support from his family.

You are also part of his family. Would you please take a few minutes right now and pray for him?

We know the power of prayer and when God’s people pray, He hears. We are asking God for a successful surgery, for no complications, and that Pastor David will be on the road to complete and total healing.

We will keep you updated with posts on this page. You can also send a prayer, message, or encouraging word that we will get to David by emailing He will read every one of your prayers and well wishes!