Justice Ministry

Justice Ministry helps our community by providing legal assistance to applicants who are willing to embrace Christian principles to enhance their family life. Applicants are encouraged to enroll in the Star Families lifestyle.

The volunteer legal staff of the Justice Ministry evaluates applications. Although it is our desire to help all applicants, we will not be able help some. Even after an applicant is evaluated, there may be instances when the ministry is unable to provide a lawyer with the appropriate expertise. Therefore, completing the application process does not guarantee the services of an attorney.

Who We Serve

The Justice Ministry of First Baptist Orlando serves First Orlando families and friends in the community who have a legal need and an interest in improving their families.

The Process

Step 1: Apply online
Step 2: Participate in introductory free consultation
Step 3: Sign up and fill out detailed questionaire.
Step 4: Possible referral to attorney.

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