Monthly Archives: February 2018

Baby Blues

February 22, 2018

It’s true, I am a private person. I don’t like when people get in my business and I definitely don’t talk about my feelings to anyone other than my husband. I don’t like sharing in groups about what’s “going on”…

Girlfriend Groups Bible Study: Romans 1-2

February 16, 2018

It’s Week Two of our study of Romans! Stacey Thacker and Erin Warren discuss chapters 1-2. We aren’t gonna lie: this week is a hard one. No one likes confronting their own sin, but as Paul addresses this divided church,…

Straight Talk About Anxiety And Depression

February 12, 2018

Today on the show, Angie’s guest is Betsy de Armas. Betsy is a full-time wife, mom and grandmother and also a great friend of mine and our husbands work together at our church. Betsy and I have a best conversation…

Girlfriend Groups Bible Study: Romans

February 9, 2018

Looking for a great women’s Bible study that will provide you deep spiritual growth and a closer relationship with God? Erin Warren and Stacey Thacker from the Women’s Ministry at First Baptist Orlando discuss the intro, background and context of the book…

When You Are Not Sure If You Are Ready

February 4, 2018

Only God could orchestrate such a thing. I wonder at what point in my life I’ll stop thinking something is too hard for him. I’m guessing that truly takes a lifetime. I came back to a song, last night, that…

An Adoption Story

Jonathan and Lindsey share their adoption story and how God, in His faithfulness, led them to His Kids a ministry that helps equip families in their journey in foster care and adoption.

Would I Still Be Okay?

February 2, 2018

It has taken almost 2 weeks for me to write the words and share the news on my blog. I’m not sure if posting it on my website is what makes it reality or actually saying the words out loud, but I…