Straight Talk About Anxiety And Depression

by: Angie Elkins | February 12, 2018

Today on the show, Angie’s guest is Betsy de Armas. Betsy is a full-time wife, mom and grandmother and also a great friend of mine and our husbands work together at our church. Betsy and I have a best conversation about how she got her grandmother name…I mean, isn’t that crazy to think about choosing a grandmother name? What it was like to grow up as a pastor’s kid in a mega church, but the most interesting part of our chat is Betsy’s story about her journey through anxiety and depression. Guys, this is unlike any other story I’ve heard before and if you struggle, even a little bit with anxiety, I can promise you, you’re going to want to hear Betsy’s story. God taught her so much through her experience and I know he’ll speak to you too.

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