Easter: The Triumphal Entry

by: Danny De Armas | March 25, 2018

Today, I’m reading a passage found in Luke 19, and it’s the story of Jesus entry into Jerusalem.   It’s probably titled in your Bible:

The Triumphal Entry. 

There’s a phrase that Jesus concludes this passage with because in that moment, even though He was praised by many as He came into Jerusalem, they were people that were angry, that He was being praised.

And they told the disciples to, “Tell those people to be quiet and don’t let them say those things about Jesus.”

And Jesus made an amazing statement. He said,

“I’ll tell you the truth. If these people are silent, the various stones are going to cry out.” –Luke 19:40

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to visit this place myself. It’s the Mount of Olives overlooking the eastern gate of Jerusalem, and we had the opportunity to walk.

It’s not exactly like it used to be in Jesus Day, but you can still walk from that place to the entry to the eastern gate.

I had the opportunity that day to pick up two pebbles that were there on the ground in between the Mount of Olives and the old city of Jerusalem.

And I thought to myself, “Jesus is saying to me as I approach Easter, if I’m quiet, these rocks have to sing.”  And I don’t want the rocks to have to sing.

As I celebrate Easter, as I contemplate what it means that Jesus came and offered himself as a sinless sacrifice for me, it gives me the opportunity to sing praises to Him!

I’ve decided that I’m going to let the rocks be silent and I’m going to sing praises to Jesus.

How about you?  Will you sing His praises with me?  I hope you will.

God bless you as we draw closer to Easter later this week.

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