How Faith And Music Come Together To Make A Difference

by: Jonathan Hickey | January 28, 2018

Jonathan Hickey interviews Deraj, a multi-talented recording Christian hip hop artist and graphic designer.  Deraj is known for his empowering messages and passionate delivery which are consistently relatable as they tackle everyday struggles, faith and triumph.

Deraj’s latest project, the EP “Goodish” was released in late 2017, and the single “Hold You Down” has already reached over a million streams on Spotify. Deraj’s music has been featured on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, in Journey’s Footwear, and at major sporting events including NCAA, NBA Finals, NFL and ESPN’s First Take. He’s an incredible artist with a unique voice and vision.

Listen in as Deraj talks about his past, his faith, his music, and how faith and music come together to produce music that makes a difference.

The interview first appeared on the Real Creative a podcast produced by Jonathan Hickey, Creative Arts Director at First Baptist Orlando.

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