Love and Be Loved

by: Nikki Ogden | July 9, 2018

Several years ago Chris served the college and young adults at our church. One of those young adults had the idea to do some kind of event at an underserved community here in Orlando. I stayed home with the girls and Chris went with a few others. I don’t remember the details, I only remember how Chris came home so burdened that this neighborhood had been forgotten about by its community.

A few years later Chris and I went on a date, and I have no idea why but that community came to my mind as we were driving home and I asked Chris to show it to me. We drove around the neighborhood and just like Chris had been years before, I was completely burdened.  We brought this burden to our amazing life group, and they carried it with us. About a year ago a few of us went to the neighborhood praying that if we were to serve them, God would make it abundantly clear and we would be invited in by the neighborhood. Little did we know, there was a neighborhood leader that sat on her porch every morning reading the Word and praying that God would hear her cry to send help.

We began building a relationship between our life group and the residents of Tymber Skan. Chris and a few guys from our life group met with their city commissioner, our church helped clean up the neighborhood after the hurricane, and the local news station came out to do a story on how Tymber Skan is changing.

Last night, after weeks of hard work (mostly in the rain, lol), we got to put the final touches and complete a neighborhood playground for the kids. A place where moms and dads could come with their kids. A place where kids can play safely. A place that represents that they are not forgotten, but that they are seen, known, and loved! It was an amazing night with the community of Tymber Skan. So incredibly thankful to serve a God who never forgets. A God who sees. A God who works in the hearts of his people and brings the body together to bring him glory and care for his bride!

Nikki Ogden

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