On Mission in Madagascar

by: Courtney Caggiano | October 27, 2016

God has designed us to further His ministry in community as the body of Christ. Whether we are ministering to those right outside of our church walls or on the other side of the world, God’s grace equips us to take His Gospel wherever He leads our hearts.


For First Baptist Orlando member Tiffany Dewett, God’s mission called her to take the hope of Jesus to the village of Manakara in Madagascar.


In 2013, First Baptist Orlando went through a time of prayer and seeking out ways to invest more in the Kingdom of God. One of the main purposes of this season was to prayerfully consider an unreached people group that we could impact with the Gospel, and God revealed to us the Antemoro people of Madagascar.


While God prepared His church for this journey, He was also preparing Tiffany’s heart.


“I was in the process of applying to go to China to be a missionary, so during that process a friend told me to start praying about Madagascar,” she remembers. “I did, and God really changed my heart. God showed me that the Gospel is not just for Chinese people; it’s for everyone. I felt God calling me to go to Madagascar in 2013. I spent four months there, and I just fell in love with the people. I knew that God was stirring in my heart to minister to them in an ongoing process.”


After much time of prayer, Tiffany believed the Lord was telling her to go back and live among the people that she had come to love. She has made plans to move to Manakara on the southeast coast of Madagascar for at least three years as she works with the children of the village.


“I fell in love with a bunch of the kids when I was in Madagascar,” she says. “Many of the people are illiterate, so if they can learn language at a young age and that God has a plan for their lives despite their circumstances, they can grow up and find joy.”


Sometimes God calls us out into a mission field in which we were not expecting to walk during our lifetime, yet God always provides His surpassing peace to accompany us and remind us that we are following His path. This peace is how we can see His confirmation of His purpose in our lives.


“Mostly I’m really at peace and I know that this is what God wants for me. I’ve been waiting for so long and it’s finally come,” Tiffany says. “I’m finally able to step into the calling that God’s given me.”


As a church body, our hope is that we boldly walk in the calling that God has placed upon our lives, no matter where that takes us, whether to those living in Orlando or the people of Madagascar.

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