Please do not take that from me…

by: Derrick Skelton | February 12, 2017

“Really God…. do you really have to remove that?” And He replied… “Yes, Derrick… that has to be removed….”

This conversation has occurred many times with God at various times in my life. I have asked Him 100 questions on why…. Why God? Why God? Why God? Why God? … Every time I ask the question I hear Him saying…. “You might not understand it now but in time you will see the beauty of what I am doing.”

I wish I could say His answer has been easy to hear but my human nature wants so much more. So many times I would pray that His answer would change. I wished I could see the beauty in the process of what He is doing in me; instead I only saw the pain of the removal.

This morning as I was preparing for my day God brought back my many years in the studying of art history. As a high school kid I took AP Art History for 2 years, then another 2 years in college. I remember having seasons of loving the study and other times when I prayed I could find the closest door. While I loved learning about the artists, I had dread at trying to remember all the dates. There were too many important dates/ art periods to keep in chronological order. My natural tendency was to merge them all into one period of history, a period of history that I just wanted to call…. ART!

Over time I realized the importance of the historical periods of art. Art History helped me to see progression. Progression in creativity. Progression found in time.

God has been helping me to look at my life as a art timeline. He is slowly helping me to step back and look at my last 36 years of life thru the lens of progression. Progression of what He has done in me.

I was reminded of “David” a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created between 1501 and 1504 by Michelangelo. The statue represents the Biblical hero David, a favored subject in the art of Florence. He worked on the massive statue for more than two years. Hearing that it took Michelangelo 2 years to complete the statue reminds of the importance of time. Progression and creativity takes time. God, the ultimate creator seems to take time in His creative processes. Much like with Michelangelo, I see Him as the master artist sculpting me. I see Him slowly chiseling away at my life creating something inspired by Him.

So many times in life I think my inspirations in life have tried to trump His inspirations for me. I wish I knew what the final product will look like for me but I know that the only person who knows what they are creating with a pound of clay is the potter, the artist. The artist has the vision. The artist has the goal. The artist knows the process. The artist has the passion.

God is our artist. He has the vision for our lives. He knows His ultimate goals for us. He also knows the process in getting us there. Thankfully He is passionate about His work, we are His passion. He will make sure that His art is complete, perfect in His way.

So today I feel much like “David” on the table in Michelangelo’s studio, I am sitting still in God’s studio allowing Him to work on me.

While my flesh will often say, “Please do not take that from me…” my spirit saying “Do what you need to do…….”

May all our hearts say, “Thank you God for working so hard in what you are creating in me…..”

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