The Gospel Is Offensive–Nothing Else Should Be

by: Reid Adams | January 26, 2017

I don’t know about you, but the only thing I hate more than failing at something is admitting it to someone else. I’m also not that fond at asking for help in case you were wondering. Instead I prefer to think I have everything under control (even though I rarely do).

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” – 1 Corinthians 1:18

The wonderful (and terribly annoying) part about Christianity…

Is that its central message is about how every single human, you and I included, mess up on a regular basis and as a result have earned eternal judgement from a just God. Yet this God has chosen to offer us forgiveness and all we have to do is admit that we are failures and need help and he will cover the cost of our sin through the sacrifice of his son Jesus on the cross.
Even on my best days that is a hard message to hear, and an even harder one to live out.
This difficult nature of the message of Christianity is what Paul is getting at when he says that the “message of the cross (we could never be good enough so Jesus was good enough for us) is foolishness to those who are perishing” (read: “those who have not yet experienced it”).
I mean, think about it, we live in a world today that screams from the rooftops that security and power only comes from self-sufficiency. That admitting our shortcomings makes us weak. And many of us have bought this message without every questioning it.

We Get It

At First Baptist Orlando, we understand that the message of the cross is difficult to hear even on our best days, but it can be downright offensive when life has already knocked us over and is kicking us while we are down. That’s why the guiding statement of our Guest Services Team is “The Gospel is Offensive-Nothing Else Should Be.”

The message of Christianity might be hard to hear at times and while we don’t ever want to water down the truth of our message we certainly want to do our best to get rid of or minimize as best we can anything outside of the message of the Cross that could contribute to a bad experience at one of our Worship Services.

The Difference Makers

Every weekend over 150 volunteers across 6 different teams show up with the expressed goal of making the experience for all of our guests as remarkable as possible by doing their best to remove every distraction or challenge inherent in showing up for service at a large church.

We don’t want the awkwardness of finding your way around on our campus, the challenges of checking in a child for the first time, the difficulty of understanding the message if your heart language is something other than English, or the pain of not being welcomed with open arms just as you are to be an offense that takes away from the message of the Cross.

That’s where our Guest Services Team comes in. We have dedicated and passionate teams full of volunteers created and charged with addressing each of those unique challenges with the hopes of creating an incredible experience for each of our guests.

At First Baptist Orlando the belief that “All People Matter to God” is at the heart and soul of everything we do. Our Guest Services Team seeks to live that out by removing anything that might detract from the life-giving message of the Cross.

The Gospel is Offensive-Nothing Else Should Be.

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