We Are First Orlando: Seiple Family

by: Reid Adams | April 21, 2017

Giving our time to serve as a volunteer has an amazing way of helping us grow not only spiritually, but even in the way we view and interact with people. Our Senior Pastor has often been heard to say: “We are never more like Jesus than when we serve.”

Greg Seiple took that saying to heart and discovered how he could use his marketplace talents, passions, and experience to make a difference as a greeter on our Guest Services Team.

After modeling what it means to serve and sharing his experiences at home, his two sons began to serve also. Now this trio of guys form the anchor for our Tent Team and Greeter Team during our 11:30 Worship Service.

Below they share a little bit about their story in coming to First Baptist Orlando, why they got involved in Guest Services, and how serving together as a family has impacted their relationships with each other:

What convinced you to make First Baptist Orlando your home church?

Greg: The Lord led our family to First Orlando over 10 years ago. The teaching from the pulpit and Pastor David’s humble spirit gave me a peace about the church. We had been praying about a new church home and God confirmed that on our second visit. Pastor David has a gift for communicating and making everyone feel welcome. I am very thankful for the leader he is and his willingness to serve.

Jared: My parents made the decision that it was time to find a new church for our family. I started out in the Kids Ministry and found my first connection to First Orlando there. Since then I have been involved in the Student Ministry and now serve on the Guest Service Team.

Austin: When I was about 8 years old, my parents made the decision to move from our old church to First Baptist Orlando. Since I was so young, I just followed my parents. I really enjoyed the Kids Ministry and I like Pastor David. I think those two experiences made First Baptist Orlando my home church.

What made you want to serve on the Guest Services Team?

Greg: Having worked for Disney for many years, I know the importance of greeting guests and making them feel welcome and important. I knew that I should be using my marketplace gifts and experience in service to God as well my church, so Guest services seemed like a natural fit. It has been a great experience!

Jared: The high school youth group started rotations of classes and serving in some area of the church and I picked the guest services team. After being a door greater for a few weeks, I was promoted to the New Here Tent and have been working there ever since.

Austin: My dad and brother started serving on the Guest Service Team a few weeks before I did and had mentioned to me how much they enjoyed it. I had tried other serving areas that didn’t click with me 100%, but I found my team after testing out Guest Services.

How has serving impacted your personal Spiritual Growth?

Greg: Through serving, God has shown me how important it is to show love to everyone I come in contact with. We never know what others might be going through and many people simply need a smile and encouraging word to turn their world around.

Jared: Serving has really allowed me to connect with people and help them find their way around First Baptist Orlando. This helps me become more of a servant to the Lord.

Austin: I’ve always enjoyed listening to Pastor David’s sermons each week, but by serving on the guest services team I feel like I’m more connected to First Orlando. Serving has also affected my personal spiritual growth by simply causing me to feel closer to God.

How has serving together impacted your relationships with each other?

Greg: My wife and I have been blessed with two sons that enjoy doing things together as a family. Serving in church together has strengthened that bond even more and given me the opportunity to share with them the things God has shown me through serving.

Jared: I have grown closer with my brother, Austin, and I feel like it gives us time to work together and help build our relationship through communicating with one another especially since he is my Service Leader.

Austin: Serving together as a family is a really neat opportunity for me. As a working college student my schedule is very busy throughout the week and I don’t get to see my parents and brother as much as I would like. Serving with them on the weekend gives me the opportunity to catch up with them from the previous week. I look forward to our time together each week serving as a family.

When individuals serve it is an undeniable catalyst for spiritual growth. When families serve together, serving becomes discipleship and lays the groundwork for a spiritual legacy. The Seiple Guys are a great example of this!|

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