Your Story

We believe that every story matters.  They matter, both to God, and to us. Your story is a chronicle of your faith-journey so far, the things you’ve experienced, and the insights God’s given you along the way.

Most people don’t think they have a story worth telling…or they think their story shouldn’t be told. You may not think your story really matters. But how many times have you had a conversation with a friend and one of you has said, “me too.” Those two words—”me too”—change everything for the person who is beginning to understand that someone knows what they’re going through.  Why? Because we need to know that we aren’t the only ones experiencing life’s challenges.

Your faith-story is one of the most precious things you have.  Your story demonstrates God’s unyielding faithfulness, whether He transforms your situation or redeems your perspective in suffering.  It stirs other people’s hearts to know that God is still at work, still speaking and moving and healing and making all things new.

Somebody, somewhere, needs to hear your story.  Maybe it’s time you shared it. 

Here’s some ideas to help!

  • How has a relationship with Jesus changed you?
  • What’s the story behind how you ended up at First Baptist Orlando?
  • What’s the story behind the moment you realized you needed to turn your life over to God?
  • What Bible verse has helped you the most thru challenging situations?  Why? 
  • What’s the story behind what led you to be baptized?
  • How has God helped you to overcome something from your past?


Share Your Story