Be a part of someone's story.

Experience what God can do when you say yes to leading a group.

Group leaders create a place for people to talk about life and grow their faith.

You don’t have to have it all figured out to lead a group. And you don’t need to be a Bible scholar to be used by God to lead others. Group leaders create a place where people can be real and grow. They get front-row seats to the spiritual journeys of others and find that their faith grows along the way.

Wondering about group leadership? It’s more fulfilling than ever, and we’ve made it easy for you to get started. We’re providing everything you need, including weekly studies, ideas for your time together, and much more. We provide the plan. You provide the leadership. Take a step and see how God can use you to create a place for people to connect and grow.

Life is better connected. Being connected relationally with others who are following Jesus helps us to grow spiritually.

Group leaders are…


Great leaders are able to bring others together.
Their groups are filled with people they have personally invited to participate.


Great leaders encourage participation by sharing group responsibilities.
They are not responsible for every group task.


Great leaders are transparent about their struggles and how God is working in their lives.
They don’t need to be perfect.


Great leaders guide those they lead and support them as they grow.
They don’t need a seminary degree to be used by God to lead others.


Every leader has a staff coach to guide them and help craft a plan for their group.
They won’t have to figure out by themselves how to lead or what to study.

How we’ll help you lead…


You’ll be provided with a staff coach to personally guide you as you lead.

New Leader Onboarding

You’ll be set up to succeed to lead great group meetings and launch your group well.

Curriculum/Resource Plans

We’ll provide you with a plan for what your group will study for the semester.

Growth Opportunities

You’ll be provided with ongoing trainings to help you continue to develop as a leader.


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