Prayer Ministry

Prayer is so much more than simply asking God for things we want. Prayer is about being in His presence. It is our desire that God’s people experience His joy and peace by becoming a praying people — a people that seeks God with all our hearts, souls and minds at all times!

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Pray For Our World

Pray for Louisiana

Join us in praying for the people of Louisiana and surrounding states, where category 4 hurricane Ida hit.

  • For families who lost loved ones in Hurricane Ida.
  • For people affected by home loss or property damage, who currently are in need of shelter.
  • For the first responders as they respond to crisis and injury.
  • For the workers of the power companies, that their energy would be sustained as they restore power to the city.
  • For safe transportation of humanitarian relief and equitable distribution of help to all the victims, and for contributions to arrive in a timely fashion for rebuilding, including for damaged churches.
  • For a powerful witness of Christian compassion during the crisis.

Pray for Afghanistan

Join us in praying for the people of Afghanistan as Taliban forces regain complete control over the country.

  • For Afghan Christians who are fleeing the country and others that have chosen to stay.
  • For all Afghan citizens who are being oppressed and pray for the oppressors.
  • For everyone working to facilitate resettlement (governments, nonprofits, and churches).
  • For favor and pathways to open for persecuted Afghans to be resettled.
  • For the churches and communities around the world that will receive Afghan refugees.
  • For the conversion of the Taliban, that they will be restrained from doing evil, and for divine justice for those who have committed evil.

Pray for Haiti

Join us in praying for the people of Haiti, where a 7.2 earthquake struck.

  • For the Haitian church as they work to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
  • For the safety of all relief workers and Haitians working on recovery efforts.
  • For organizations like Send Relief and Convoy of Hope who are mobilizing.
  • and distributing critical food, water, hygiene, and medical resources.
  • That God would open the hearts of the Haitian people to experience Jesus’ great love for them.
  • For families who lost loved ones in the earthquake.
  • For vision and political will for local authorities so they seek primarily the welfare of the people.

Health & Healing

There is always purpose in our pain.  With God’s help and the support of others, you don’t have to fight the pain alone. We offer several healing opportunities and care groups for those who are sick or in pain.


Those afflicted with disease can be anointed with oil by coming to the front of the Worship Center at the end of each worship service.

Support Groups

First Wednesday, 6-7:30pm
Third Wednesday, 6-7:30pm
Second Wednesday, 6-7:30pm
Fourth Wednesday, 6-7:30pm

Call 407-514-4338 or email for additional information about healing or support groups.