Convoy of Hope

by: FOR Orlando

Convoy of Hope is a humanitarian, faith-based organization on a mission to feed the hungry and bring help and hope to communities that need it most. Whether it’s after a disaster, feeding a hungry child, or helping a parent put food on the table, Convoy of Hope is proud to deliver kindness to those who need it most.

In the United States, Convoy of Hope regularly sends truckloads of food and relief supplies from its World Distribution Center to cities and rural towns. Convoy trucks travel coast to coast, delivering goods used for events and disaster responses. Globally, humanitarian aid has been delivered to hurting people in more than 127 countries. Convoy currently serves communities by empowering women, feeding kids, and helping farmers yield larger crops.

Currently, Convoy of Hope is responding to Hurricane Ian recovery efforts in Fort Myers and beyond through food, water, and relief supply distribution. As the death toll rises and hundreds of people are rescued from their homes, Convoy and its partners are there to provide tangible expressions of hope as people start rebuilding their lives. They have served more than 17,000 survivors in Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. More than 20 partners and nearly 500 volunteers have served 11 of the hardest-hit communities.

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