Frontline Innovation Studios

by: FOR Orlando

Frontline Innovation Studios is an after-school program that desires to ignite passion and provide our youth with the skills to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Their goal is rooted in kids’ curiosity, imagination, critical thinking, and social interaction using the various physical and digital tools of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Their areas of focus include coding, communication, careers, and care of self. Read the stories below from students and parents about Frontline Innovation Studios.

Danica, Seventh Grade 

Frontline Innovation Studios is a place where you can learn new things that you never knew about. I like learning financial literacy. The reason I like it is because it can help me in the future. My mom works in the medical field, and I’ve always been interested in the brain, so I want to become a neurosurgeon. And with that, I’ll need to learn how to manage my money, bills, medical bills, taxes, all of that stuff.  

One of my favorite things I learned is how to make new friends. I’m an extrovert so I like to talk to people. Frontline has taught me how to speak up more. 

People should give money to Frontline. There are a lot of people who like to learn that don’t have the opportunity to learn everything they teach here. So people should pour in more money to come bigger empire and help other minds. Donating to Frontline is making an investment.

If you invest in Frontline, you’re investing in a student, and you’ll make that investment back. That means you can put your investment toward a kid, and they can become something. A kid like me can help the future.

Frontline is a good place and has cool vibes. People should volunteer because there are a lot of fun people here! The people here make learning fun, and they won’t let you give up.  


David, Dad to Frontline Students

I grew up in Orlando, went to Oak Ridge High School. Met my wife here, at church actually. Got married and had five kids! Having 5 kids – it’s unique. Five different spirits and personalities. But they’re very, very smart. We try to drive them while still letting them be kids.  

Frontline is a program that happens after school. In certain communities, you don’t have that after-school stuff or any program in the neighborhood, or if you do, it may not be walking distance. That holds back a lot of kids. My kids can walk here from school, and I can pick them up after work.  

One thing I see with Frontline is a lot of opportunity. Frontline has a variety of people and volunteers that can teach our kids different directions and skills. That gives them a lot of opportunities that they wouldn’t have.  

My kids are growing academically, just being exposed to a whole bunch of stuff here at Frontline and what they have to offer. Frontline does whatever they can to enrich the kids, and they don’t shy from it.

The structure here is a lot of discipline. Parents don’t even have to worry about grades. They’re very strict on grades and making sure kids get their homework done. When you have five kids, and you have to do five homeworks when you go home. But the load is very light because they do their homework here and it’s done before they come home. They have a good tutoring program here at Frontline, too. 

I would tell people, one, that it’s safe. Two, my kids talk about the vibe. I love the vibe. I’m always popping in and observing what’s going on around here. But I would tell them that for the safety of their kids, and for their kids to learn new stuff, people should definitely enroll their kids in Frontline. 

There’s no cost to attend Frontline. Everything is volunteer and donor-based, and donations at Frontline go a long way. You’re helping a kid see the future, whatever they want to thrive in. I’m a big believer in once the kids see what Frontline does with helping them in their careers, they would give back. The money is recycled well. With kids who attend Frontline, their career path and success will feed back into Frontline financially. My daughter wants to be a doctor. She’ll remember frontline 10-15 tears from now and will give back.  

Donovan, Fifth Grade 

I’ve been coming to Frontline for two years. They teach me coding, broadcasting, budgeting, speech. My favorite thing is to learn coding because I want to be a YouTuber and designer. My science teacher gave me a program for coding called Sandbox where you can make ANYTHING. I love my teacher, Mr. Tyrese, because he’s fun.   

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